My 500 Abarth

It’s almost hard to believe that FIAT has been back in the US market for almost 7 years now.  I remember the shock-and-awe sensation I felt the first time I saw a newly constructed dealership on the west side of Manhattan.  I couldn’t remember the last FIAT store I had ever seen because the automaker had … More My 500 Abarth

The Official Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Last week I visited the Official Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.  It’s a magnificent sight and probably the highlight of the city, aside from the Mercedes Benz Museum, which I’m making plans to see as well.  The museum offers more than any tourist could ask for.  As soon as I parked I noticed my humble little … More The Official Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

A Visit To The Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan.

  Christmas in Italy was a memorable experience.  Typically I’d prefer a more wintry climate for the holidays, but I can’t even remember the last white Christmas I had anywhere.  I’m working in the Frankfurt area at the moment where the weather has a tendency to be damp and gloomy.  Christmas morning was no exception.   … More A Visit To The Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan.

The Pilot Blog

The other week I performed in a one act festival sponsored by The Theater Project  and the NJ Theatre Alliance.  Our show was called Bimbo Feminist, written by a very gifted playwright and scholar named Dr. Alisa Sniderman.  The theme for the play sprung from the progressive blogging craze that’s inspiring thinkers to become writers  – perhaps even … More The Pilot Blog