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The other week I performed in a one act festival sponsored by The Theater Project  and the NJ Theatre Alliance.  Our show was called Bimbo Feminist, written by a very gifted playwright and scholar named Dr. Alisa Sniderman.  The theme for the play sprung from the progressive blogging craze that’s inspiring thinkers to become writers  – perhaps even paid writers.  I played a successful, but shy and somewhat clueless yuppie without a filter, named Chris, who had just broken up with his girlfriend.  After his cocky playboy friend, Lenny, gives him some pointers on how to get back in the game he takes him out to happy hour to put them to the test.  There he meets a young lecherous writer devoted to the encouragement of a woman’s right to engage in sexual activity without feeling ashamed of it.

Trying desperately to keep her engaged as she gives him the cold shoulder, he panders to her feminist ego by  declaring himself a feminist supporter and expressing interest in her blog.  Like a poor soul with an Asperger Disorder, his psyche gets the best of him when his unfiltered remarks prove to be turning her off so much that she eventually walk away.  His buddy, who’s been eves dropping the whole time tries to find out what could have gone wrong after he had schooled him on the proper method of a successful pickup artist.  When Lenny finds out she was a blogger, a whole new lesson in sex is revealed to the naive Chris.  Lenny tells him that it’s a new age that he needs to get used to – an age where carnal knowledge is broken down into three parts: texting on Tinder, taking them to bed, and then being talked about online.  The newly single Chris feels he’s not ready to play that game yet, so he dismisses Lenny’s advice and leaves.  The young lady returns to the bar and the show closes with Lenny picking up the slack and leaving with her.

The performances were pretty well receive by the audience and to my surprise, I was selected Best Actor for the festival, which was a moving experience considering I hadn’t performed on stage in five years.

Soon I decided to investigate the fascination behind personal blog sites.  Most of the ones I’ve come are super proud mommies who are eager to pass on a little maternal advice while sharing their breastfeeding selfies.  And though I could certainly understand the financial motivation behind a blog, I was skeptical when I heard people are actually earning enough to quit their jobs!

So here I am now, ready to put offer my two cents.  Be forewarned that no topic is too sensitive to discuss.  Sometimes I don’t have a filter, myself.  And while I’m certainly no Hemingway, I do hope my petty contributions will please some readers.  After all, I believe it was Frank Zappa who once said he only needed 10% of the world to dig his sound.  The other 90 could blow it out their asses.

Till next time, stay classy!


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